Writing a bridge chords high highs

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5 Chord Progressions for a Song Bridge

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High Highs - In a Dream Lyrics

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High Highs - Open Season Chords & Tabs

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Sep 15,  · High Highs - Bridge / Tuning: Standard, Capo 6 / C = x Am7 = x G = x Em = x D = x / G / G Am7 C When unto this country G Am7 C With a waking eye / Em G Em Oh the spi/5(12).

Open Season chords by High Highs. Add to your personal songbook; Comment these guitar chords; Guitar chords with lyrics. Capo on 2nd fret. instagram: Do you have corrections, comments on the guitar chords, thoughts about the song or a message to the author?

Write them below. You have to consider the chords, the choice of songs, the tempo, the condition of the instrument, the tuning, and many other factors.

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Writing a bridge chords high highs
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