Geotiff matlab write a matrix

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Saving NetCdf in Matlab

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Write geotiff file in polar stereographic matlab. Learn more about geotiffwrite, polar stereographic, sea ice, spatial reference. I raed it with below command in matlab: [X, cmap, R] = geotiffread('') Then I made some changes in matrix X. finally I decided to convert it to previous format (Geotiff) to read in ArcGIS.

I tried to start Matlab, both using the! syntax (!matlab&) or the system command (system('matlab&')), the Matlab splash screen appears, but the new Matlab session closes rapidly. When I do the same with a script of mine (system('matlab -r "myscript"&')), my script is being executed, but Matlab finally crashes.

I have some matlab raster matrix to export to geotif. I also have the location of each corner in Decimal degrees (WGS84).

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I know how to export and write the data into a geotiff but i'm having a problem to use the 4 corners for geolocation. Write referenced GeoTiff with 4 corners on matlab I have some matlab raster matrix to export to geotif.

I also have the location of each corner in Decimal degrees (WGS84). Therefore your matrix “mytemperaturearray” should be of size 1 x 1 x n x m. To make a matrix of size n x m into size 1 x 1 x n x m you can do [newarray]=permute(oldarray,[3 4 1 .

Geotiff matlab write a matrix
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