Colonoscope system to avoid loop formation

System and Method For Sterilizing and/or Deimmunizing an Object

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy

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Improved Colonoscopy Techniques Increase Patient Comfort

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During diagnostic or screening colonoscopies, endoscope progression should be gently performed and loop formation avoided. Alternative maneuvers (e.g., compression, decubitus changes) should be used in case of pain, but when difficulties in the progression are observed, it is recommended to abort the procedure (Recommendation Grade 1C).

After analyzing various concepts and types of colonoscopy procedures available in medical field it has been observed that loop formation is a very vast. May 15,  · Compositions useful for cleaning contaminated medical instruments in accordance with the method include an enzyme, a quat biocide and an “activity protector”, which may be for example, enzyme stabilizers, enzyme stabilizing systems, micelle formation modifiers and inhibitors, and combinations thereof.

Complications of Colonoscopy

Advancement of the colonoscope requires the creation of wall tension and counter force, which may lead to loop formation and shearing tears of the colon.

• Colonoscope disinfection is laborious, costly, and carries risks of infection and instrument damage. Dr. Felix Leung is a gastroenterologist in Sepulveda, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and VA Greater Los Angeles.

Colonoscope system to avoid loop formation
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