Bridging skill gap in retail sector

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Bridging the data skills gap in L&D: What we need to succeed

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Bridging the skill gap: Opportunities for skills training in India’s organized retail sector

Like the technical skill gap, the soft skills gap in the workforce has been developing slowly for decades. But the professional services, restaurants, retail, research, finance, aerospace, software, manufacturing, the public sector, and even THE SOfT SKILLS GAp.

“BRIDGING THE SKILL GAP IN THE INDIAN RETAIL SECTOR” OVERVIEW OF INDIAN RETAIL INDUSTRY: Indian robust macro and micro economics fundamentals, such as: 1. robust GDP growth 2.

higher incomes 3. increasing disposal income 4. favorable demographics and supportive government policies These will accelerate the growth of. Bridging the skill gap: Opportunities for skills training in India’s. organized retail sector Niranjan S Janardhanan Indian School of Business. The projected growth of manpower demand within the UAE’s retail sector results from exponential growth across the industry as a whole.

The UAE is the most mature retail market in the GCC, with a retail trade size of US$ billion (); significantly larger than KSA at US$ billion, Qatar at US$ billion, and Oman at US$ 5 billion. Bridging the skill gap: Opportunities for skills training in India’s.

organized retail sector Niranjan S Janardhanan Indian School of Business. "Bridging the skill gap: Opportunities for skills training in India’s organized retail sector", GSEI (Global Strategies for an Emergent India) conference, Abstract: While the global population is ageing rapidly, India, with one of the youngest populations in the world, is at a strategic advantage with regards to demographic dividend.

Bridging skill gap in retail sector
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Report Reveals UAE’s Retail Sector Growth Challenged by Skillset Gap (NEWS)